I haven't been dong internet marketing or online income producing thing for long, but it didn't take me long to figure out that it's not as easy as they make it sound when they "hook" you into this new field of opportunities.  Of course, you expect the salesman to puff-up his product a little bit when he makes his pitch, but c'mon guys!  Okay, the truth is it's a lot harder than they make it sound.  Having said that, it turns out you really CAN make money online, you just gotta know from the get-go it's not going to be easy.  I'm not trying to talk anybody out of giving it a shot, but I am warning you that if you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you're barking up the wrong tree.  Like any job, profession or career, success doesn't come easy.  but with hard work, perseverance, and just a little bit of luck, you actually can make money working some of these online "schemes".  Let me tell you a little about my path and maybe you'll get a clearer picture.  First, I didn't know anything about computers, the internet, internet marketing or any of that mumbo-jumbo. So, it's safe to say I started at a disadvantage.  having said that, that's exactly what make me such a good example.  I started out with no money, no experienced and essentially, no chance!  I was personally going through a rough time in life trying to find a way to make the paycheck last the whole month.  I knew that these internet schemes were just that, but in a weak moment I took a look a a Youtube video that promised me riches doing “Affiliate Marketing”.  I knew this guy’s pitch was horse-pucky but something about Affiliate Marketing rang true, so, I started looking.  Turns out there are a lot of EXPERTS on how to make money on the internet.  I have to say I was still VERY skeptical but I have 30 years of sales experience and I understand commission sales, which is essentially what Affiliate Marketing is.  So, I kept pealing away the layers of the onion.  Little by little I started to see a picture emerge.  While I knew it couldn’t be as easy as it sounded, I was starting to see that it might actually work if a guy just put a little effort into it.  Let me say at this point that as a salesperson, one of the most valuable lessons that I have learned is that in order to make it, you must learn to “overcome objections” (or obstacles as the case may be).  This means that I have learned over the years that the best way to make it in sales is just to get out there and start selling.  Of course that means that you are going to hit some walls, but that’s the point.  You see, I’ve learned that the key to success is to take each wall one-at-a-time and one-by-one, knock them down.  Sounds kinda primitive and simple, but it works!  The idea is that you start out knowing that you are going to fail. But each failure is an opportunity to learn what you are doing wrong-and of course, fix it.  Now see, if you keep doing this, over and over again, you eventually reach a point where there are no more walls, you have solved all of the problems and removed all of the barriers; all that’s left is to succeed.  Sound to good to be true? Well if you think so, you don’t understand. You see, this is NOT easy.  The idea is simple, bot not easy.  Again, any career or job will present obstacles, but the one that wins is not the one that knows it all or has some secret, it is the one who won’t give up.  So, let’s get back to the case at hand.  When I started I didn’t have a clue, but I knew I had to start.  I was presented with a couple of tough problems right from the beginning, starting with I didn't know where to start.  C’mon Google!   After a lot of searching I decided on a product I liked because the guy had great presence on the internet, I thought it might sell. So, I went on ClicBank and signed up (it’s free by the way, that fits right into my business model).  I then had to learn how to “connect to this guy so that if I sent him a buyer If would actually get paid, surprisingly not hard at all.  Now, by this time I’m starting to learn words terms like “Click through rates” and “traffic”.  I thought I was pretty smart, until I actually tried to make things happen.  Well, another wall to knock down; how to get traffic to my sight.  So I sauntered over to Google, set up and account and started advertising.  Did you know Google doesn't like Affiliate marketers?  Neither does Gmail, craigslist, Youtube, my web based email provider, and… well, petty much everybody.  Fact is I got my email shut down 4 times, my Craigslist account was shut down three times, my Google adds account was suspended several times and… well, you get the idea  Did you know all you need is a “Landing Page” to get past this?  (What the he%@ is a Landing page?) That would have saved me some time if id known that in the beginning.   Building a landing page wasn't too tough, there's plenty of info available on Youtube and if you want you can just copy someone else's landing page.  That should do the job!       Ya think?  So back to Google adds, Microsoft adds, craigslist and the rest.  Hey guys, any of you ever hear of “key word” or “bidding for adds”? Did you know that google has over 3.5 billion searches every day. Well hell, that’s gotta be the place to go-they’ll be hunting me down; I wont have to do anything but rake in the money now!  Not so fast Einstein!  Turns out there are well over a Billion web sites world wide and they all want Google to show them on the first page.  Do you know what the chances are that people are going to click on my add or that its even going to get displayed, again, what the heck is a “Keyword”?  Back to the drawing board.  After some keyword research I did get lucky, I made my first sale!  About $150 into it I now had a $21 commission to show for it.  Mmmmm  I quickly found out that just having a “Link” to some guys sales page wouldn't do any good unless I could find a way to send people to click on your ad, go to your page and then “Click Through” the sales pitch.  And of course, hope the guy does a good job of selling the product.  But little by little I fine tuned the process and started to get bites.  Little by little my click through rates went up and little by little I began, one by one eliminating the obstacles that keep the buyers away form my web page and away from the purchase.  Here's what it came down to for me, a simple process that was not easy to do, but easy to follow.   Find a product you like and believe in, make sure there’s a market for it and the seller will do his part in the deal  Develop a “Campaign” for getting the word out there and pointing people to the seller  Every time it doesn't work fix that problem   Wait for the next problem  go back step 3  Keep  doing steps e and 4 until you eliminate the obstacles  Do that over and over again  Spend a week in Cabo, you made it!  Stay on this path and it will eventually take you home. Where you're going to be working; A LOT!        ...but if you stick to it, it’ll be worth it…       just keep thinking about step 8.     Want to make money on the internet but aren't willing to work hard, don’t bother; It’s not for you.  But if you're willing to work hard and hang in there there's plenty to be had for all.  If you want to save some time, trouble and generally avoid some of the hard lessons I learned, you can take a short-cut and LEARN FROM SOMEONE WHO ALREADY KNOWS!  Save some time and headache and see how a tried-and-true Internet Guru does it.  Click here to hear what he can do to help you get on your way, get there fast and get there without losing your mind.  Watch the free video at  page .  Look forward to seeing you in the winner’s circle. Bill Gass  Internet wanna be; If I can do it, anyone can

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